This is Philanthropy

Welcome and thank you for accepting the invite to ‘This is Philanthropy’.
So, how did this all come about? The page is for the purpose of distributing content in the form of images, blogs and videos.

This will help paint a vivid picture of what life is like as a philanthropist, in the hope that it will inspire you to adopt some of the philosophies for your every day life.

The content began being produced from a Cambodian rural village, right outside the small, sleepy town of Battambang, but since its success I have plans to take it all over the globe, reducing human suffering one cause at a time.

Both the internal and external experience will be documented, provoking an in depth insight into the reality and the interpretations of life on the ground.

The mission of this brand isn’t only limited to humanitarian work in rural villages. Philanthropic work is universal, and there is work to be done on all corners of the globe. This is a life long mission, so I urge you to hang in there and persevere with it. In advance, I am extremely grateful for your support and I promise to contribute to your life as best as I can.