My Story

As a kid, I was always intrigued with the Atlas and the globes that my Mother would buy for me. I would sit and observe for hours, dreaming and fantasising about one day being able to go and explore the world to its fullest. From a 4 year old with career aspirations of becoming a pilot to a 25 year old who found themselves working in corporate Sydney, I have had a whole myriad of experiences in work and life that have led me to this point.

in 2018, I decided to pack my bags on my own, in search for purpose and passion. As I grew, I lost touch with many of the creative endeavors that I dabbled in as a child. This led to a suppressed mind that would do whatever it took to reconnect with that true self.

I found myself setting up a new life in Cambodia, and it was there where I truly found my passions and my purpose. Since then, the whole trajectory of my life has changed and now I am on a mission to reduce human suffering and increase well being all around the globe.

My passions involve all things like; science, art, philosophy, business and spirituality, all through the lens of education and personal development.

I am an avid learner with a habit of creating meaningful and purpose driven content. It was only recently that I realised I had been creating content my whole life, from visual artwork in a scrapbook as a child to filming backyard stunt videos with old school Nokia slide phones as a teen. Now, I have a platform in which I can create and show my work to the world with the hope of providing value and inspiration through education and entertainment.

My north star is to create a documentary series that goes global and moves people in the most positive ways possible. I am a writer, philanthropist, content creator and keen traveler – this is my story.