It’s Time For Societal Change – Crisis Calls For Revolution

With the earth shattering changes we have seen in 2020, it’s forcing us to come up with new ways of looking at things and how we approach them – whether that may be in our education system or in our sciences.

Old paradigms are collapsing, and new ones are being forced to emerge, as we try and navigate our way through these unprecedented times in one piece.

With crisis comes revolution – this is something that is way overdue.

We are starting to learn that our traditional approaches to medicine are outdated, causing more problems than what they are fixing. Humanity is currently sick, and it’s a sign that the way we have been doing things is redundant and sometimes wrong.

For decades now, we have been diagnosing symptoms and prescribing medications in accordance to those symptoms, but we are now learning that this leaves too much room for error and potentially further harm.

There is a shift now, where professionals are starting to take more holistic approaches towards treatment, getting to the root cause of symptoms, rather than simply treating them.

I’ve been seeing psychiatrists for many years now for all sorts of mental health conditions, such as; bipolar disorder, major depressive disorder and generalised anxiety disorder.

I’ve experienced traumas in my life, and genetically speaking, the odds haven’t been stacked in my favour in respect to some of the diagnoses I’ve been handed.

However, I’ve always had an issue with the system and it’s processes. It’s been all about diagnosing symptoms, putting you in a box and prescribing the respective medication for that box.

Never was I told to get my microbiome checked – potentially because this is a new and emerging field with a lot of good data, but not yet enough attention.

Hence why times like these are blessings, because they force the collapse of the systems that are no longer working, and they breed new insights, approaches and perspectives on some of the most pressing issues we face in our general health care.

Conventional medicine says –

Everyone is treated the same and your diagnosis in based on your symptoms. You get placed in a box and prescribed meds to treat your condition. We mask the symptoms with medications and then hope that everything will be fine

New and improved functional medicine says –

We take a holistic approach, we don’t only look at symptoms of a disease, but also the underlying factors that may be causing this disease, we take into account biochemical individuality (because we are all different), and rather than mask symptoms with medications, we put preventative measures in place to avoid the issue at hand.

For me, this is an exciting time to be coming into the sciences. Textbooks will undergo changes in content, as we uncover new bits of data and we develop new paradigms around these new insights.

As a whole, we are experiencing some radical changes in the way we do things and this is a positive thing moving forward – Crisis calls for revolution.