Those Were The Wild Days

I spent up to 2 months living in rural regions of Cambodia in some of the toughest conditions you can imagine.

🛏 My bed was a thin mattress placed on the floor under a mosquito net.

🚿 My shower was a small bucket that I had to fill up with water and pour over my head.

🚽 my toilet was a hole in the ground

🥘 my food was simple and not always so tasty, but quite nutritious.

In my room, I would encounter anything from frogs to rats.

These times stretched me in so many ways. They changed my perspective on many things and helped me appreciate some of the things I have at home.

I was pushed physically, mentally and emotionally, as I had to navigate my way through prolonged periods of discomfort, change and adaptation.

I engaged in labour intensive work, waking up off the mattress on the floor in a hot sweat each morning to start a hard days work building a school with our bare hands from the ground, up.

I didn’t always like the food, things got lonely very often and I was forced to sit with my mental madness on countless occasions.

I remember all the good times, as well. I got to do something good for people. I got to experience a culture that is so foreign and strange to me, my perceptions were continually challenged and turned upside down.

I hustled so hard when I was there, something that has proven to be a detriment.

However, I wouldn’t take it back for a thing.

For now though, it’s time to focus on my own health and well being. I neglected it for so long in the pursuit of “achieving” shit and “making a difference”.

I’m so exhausted now, and I’m enjoying my period of rest and recovery at the moment.

Once covid-19 has had its day and we are ready to get back to normal life, I plan to sketch out my next overseas journey where I can go and have fun, help people and learn new things about myself and life.