The Power Of Self-Acceptance

A huge part of our culture is to “keep up with the Jones’”. You’re always encouraged to be better and do better.

Nothing is ever good enough, and so this unconscious tendency hangs up in the background, usually disguised as low levels of satisfaction and self esteem.

I get caught up in this societal programming, however I’ve been able to observe those around me lately and take lessons from what I experience through them.

I can sometimes observe their flaws, their short comings or their disadvantages and I still see them as complete individuals who are brilliant just the way they are.

I once heard a story about a cancer patient who was seeking spiritual guidance. At the beginning of their spiritual journey, they would imply that they will be happier and more fulfilled once the cancer was gone. But this was the problem – they didn’t feel complete just as they were. They were waiting for something external to occur in order for them to feel as though they were enough.

It was only until they were able to accept the illness for what it was, and feel complete with it there, where they began to let go of their attachment to this desire to be someone or something different to what they were.

As soon as this person let go, their health conditions began to improve dramatically, eventually resulting in a victorious battle over one of the most deadliest diseases known to human kind.

The power of self acceptance.