The Human – A Biological Learning Machine

There are many reasons as to why I learn daily. For one, I am interested in a whole range of topics and I enjoy the process.

But perhaps more importantly, it keeps the mind sharp. I am training it and programming it daily with valuable insights. There have been studies that suggest that when we learn something new, the brain releases dopamine.

Dopamine is neurotransmitter and plays a key role in the feeling of pleasure. There is a pathway in the brain between where dopamine is created and the part of the brain that is associated with motivation and reward.

One can conclude that being a biological learning machine, the learning process creates a sense of pleasure and achievement.

At its core, it can be the learning of any skill, topic, language, interest – something of value to you and those around you.


The human is a learning machine. We are gathering and processing information from our external environment, almost constantly. Studies now reveal that the process of learning can release dopamine, the neurochemical associated with pleasure.

There is a direct pathway between where dopamine is produced in the brain and the part of the brain associated with reward and motivation. These findings suggest that learning new things can be a very rewarding task.

Learning keeps the mind sharp and even helps during the ageing process. Our brains are plastic, meaning they can change. When we learn new things, we are installing new neurological hardware. These changes can shape thoughts, emotions and behaviours.

Every time you learn something, you are changing who you are.

I’ve worked multiple jobs and each time I finish up a working day, I feel exhausted and stressed. Those days I spend studying, I feel energised, empowered and enlightened.

Full time study isn’t for everyone, but everyone can learn new skills sets, languages or concepts.

The learning process is universal and highly rewarding.