Sensation & Perception – How The Brain Sows Information Together To Create Our Experiences

There is no one to one correspondence between physical reality and psychological reality. What is ‘out there’ in the physical world is not directly reproduced inside the human brain.

The brain creates representations of our physical reality. It translates energy from our external environment into something meaningful for us to interpret, however, what we experience with our senses is not an accurate picture of what is actually happening out there.

Our ability to see, hear or touch is the product of millions of adaptations that left our senses exquisitely crafted to serve survival and reproduction functions.

Our eyes don’t work as cameras, snapping photographs of our external environment, but rather they capture pieces of information that the brain gathers and sows together like a piece of quilt, creating its own internal version.

Not everything is as it really seems. The story that you create about the world around you is not the full picture, but rather just a tiny piece of our true reality.