Personal Development & It’s Crucial Counterparts

These are the most important topics I consider to be related to personal development, especially considering the changes that have taken place as of late.

Each of these areas are interconnected.

Our spirituality is so fundamental to life. Without it, everything would cease to exist. Your spirituality relates to the very experience you are having, each moment in time. Self-realisation is considered the ultimate goal. This requires being able to connect and realise more of your true nature, usually hidden behind your ego, or your “false sense of self”.

Unlike spirituality, which seeks to uncover the truth about the world that cannot be observed, science is the uncovering of truth in the material world. Everything that you can observe as material, this is a construct of such intricate physics, chemistry and biology. Our body of knowledge is growing so rapidly, and with this can come better education, health and well being.

Philosophy differs from spirituality in the sense that, philosophy involves a lot of logical thinking. Although philosophy plays an integral role in spiritual teachings, there are many other areas of life which are in need of philosophical debate, particularly if these areas hold a strong influence over the way we live our lives, collectively.

Technology is one of those life changing things that shape the way we work and live. Essentially, tech is an extension of us. Our sense are so limited, we can only experience a tiny fraction of what is really out there. Tech is what complements our biology, as it extends all of these senses. This speed of change has been seen as problematic for many reasons, which is why a healthy relationship with tech is vital. Being tech conscious is important, as this can also potentially change your life in good ways.

Business – Your relationship and knowledge around your personal finances, plus all of the skill sets that you have or plan to build during your working life. This area also involves how well you can market yourself to people, and your values, motivations and goals for working.

Art – “Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.” – Thomas Merton. Art can be a therapeutic form of expression. It is an escape from reality, just as much as it is a connection to reality. Used more in psychotherapy, art enables on to express their inner nature to the outside world.