Cold Therapy – We Were Supposed To Engage With The Cold

This was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I was fresh off the plane after spending a year in Cambodia (first time I returned before going back for another 9 months).

🥶 Cold therapy

There are many benefits including –

❄️ Eases sores and aching muscles
❄️ Helps the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord)
❄️ Limits inflammatory response
❄️Engages with your vagus nerve – this is linked to your parasympathetic nervous system which helps calm you down.

Do I recommend? – yes. Although, I would say you must ease yourself into the cold before jumping right in. Start with cold showers and then work your way up.

I returned back from Cambodia during a hot Sydney summer. Yet, there were many days I had to wear a jumper.

What was lacking was that relentless South East Asian humidity, and my body had yet to adjust without it. I would shiver at every little breeze in the beginning.

I can’t say the whole time was spent shivering. The heat here is also relentless, just in different ways.

After 2 straights years of not feeling anything close to what a winter is here, it made me curious as to see how my body would react to the 2020 winter.

I’ve been feeling the cold this winter, for sure – I am usually found wearing around 3 layers most of the time.

However, I sleep in the nude with the windows open at night – go figure.

I’ve always read that the most favourable sleeping environment is a cool one, and I find my body needs that amount of cold at night to ensure I don’t overheat in my sleep.

When I do overheat, I find that’s when I’m most likely to have nightmares. I can only imagine that during nightmares, your heart rate would increase.

With an increased heart rate, this puts a strain on your brain and body’s ability to move through those restorative cycles during your sleep.

So in the nude with the windows open it is if it means I can get those good sleep scores under my belt.

I have an appreciation for the cold for many reasons, as all stated above. The cold showers I’ve taken in the past have proven to be rewarding, helping my body feel fresh and my mind alert.

Although hard during the winter, going back to those cold showers is something I aspire to do.

Becoming more comfortable in these conditions is not only beneficial for your physiology, but it is also a mental exercise.