This Racism Is Just Stupid

We are currently living through a global pandemic, brought on by a virus that enters the body and infects the individual.

Racism is similar – It is an infection in the human mind. It is a mental virus that results in sickness and chaos. It’s plagued humanity since the beginning of time.

Just as we hurry with urgency to find cures and treatments for these infectious diseases, we must also rush to find cures for these mental viruses that infect our societies.

World wars, genocides and mass murders – the scale of damage caused by these mental viruses are just as large, if not larger than any physical illness resulting from an infectious disease.

This racism is just stupid – a form of hate and ignorance shown towards those of the same kind. Yes, we differ in skin colour and culture, but fundamentally we are all part of the same thing.

When you show hatred towards others, you are also showing hatred towards yourself.

Get rid of this mental virus. It’s no longer welcome.