Daily Systems During Hard Times

With all the things going on at the moment around the world, it’s come to our collective awareness that we must consider mental health as a concern for people who are stuck in doors, without jobs and in fear of infection.

The mental health aspect was one of my biggest concerns very early on, as I have experienced many issues myself and I knew that an event like this with the conditions it has created will come with some it’s mental and emotional challenges.

I’ve spent many years developing a tool kit for myself, things I can do each and every day that will keep me mentally fit and emotionally fit, regardless of what is going on in life.

There are a few things to consider now, as there is a lot of tension in the air at the moment, and the fact that this is on a global scale makes it seem even more grand and vital.

Times are tough and people are hurting everywhere.

In order to weather the storm, it’s important to build resilience of both body and mind.

There are a few things I have been exploring over the years – Every day systems and habits that I am in the process of trying to develop for my every day, regardless of what is going on within me or outside of me.

– Meditation – taking time out to sit still and become present with yourself.

– Yoga – taking the time to become present with your body.

– Walking – being alone with your own thoughts while you get a good dose of nature. We are animals, and we need a decent exposure to nature. There is a biological connection there that should not be ignored.

– Journaling – writing out your thoughts on paper or computer. Writing down certain goals, truthful evaluations and plans for the future. Our minds are goal orientated and having a structure eliminates mental clutter.

– Dietary habits – Whether it is for mood, immunity or overall well being, what you put into your body is no matter to take lightly – good biochemistry is essential.

– Exercise – movement of the body

– Breathing techniques – getting a necessary amount of oxygen into the body. A good amount of oxygen in the body is essential to good blood flow, healthy metabolism and even emotional regulation.

– Cold showers – There are many physiological benefits of having cold showers. The way I explain it is, your body goes into a mini shock, and you walk out feeling more alert and energetic, but also more relaxed and at ease.

– Learn – There are many reasons as to why I learn daily. For one, I am interested in a whole range of topics and I enjoy the process. But perhaps more importantly, it keeps the mind sharp. I am training it and programming it daily with valuable insights. There have been studies that suggest that when we learn something new, the brain releases dopamine. Dopamine is neurotransmitter and plays a key role in the feeling of pleasure. There is a pathway in the brain between where dopamine is created and the part of the brain that is associated with motivation and reward. One can conclude that being a biological learning machine, the learning process creates a sense of pleasure and achievement. At its core, it can be the learning of any skill, topic, language, interest – something of value to you and those around you.

– Sleep – I don’t know too many details here. All I know is that it’s considering equally important to diet and exercise for our over all well being.