What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality –

I write a lot about spirituality these days. I have always told myself that I am a spiritual person, not really knowing exactly what that meant. But, as I continue on my journey, I learn more about what it is to be in touch with your spirituality.

A lot of people think of mystics, palm readers and spiritual energy healers when they hear the word spirituality.

Spirituality is not about mysticism, magicians, healers or religion, for that matter; although many people access their sense of spirituality through religion, which can be a great method.

Spirituality is all about discovering your true nature. It is about going beyond the illusory mind, the dissolution of the ego and the sense of self, into a dimension of connectedness and oneness. It is a home coming, in recognising your true self beyond the body and the mind, beyond the material world – self-realisation.

Every life wants to be a full fledged life, and the ultimate goal of spirituality is in self-actualisation, where one gets to access their full potential.

It is about uncovering the truths about the nature of reality, liberated from the delusions created by the egoic mind.

One of the functions of the mind is to create this sense of separate self. Who you know yourself to be, by name, job title etc, this is all a construct of the egoic mind. This is not who you really are.

Those memories you hold in your mind are just a collection of events that have already passed. That body you see is just a collection of cells that last no longer than a decade before they die and regenerate. You are not the same entity as you were 10 years ago. The mind has you believe in this continuation, as it creates this illusion of time, another function for survival.

This egoic mind creates a separate sense of self, a survival mechanism that keeps you alive, but when you look hard enough you come to see that you are not separate, but rather just another small piece to this big puzzle. You are made of the same chemical elements found out far into the cosmos – essentially, you are the cosmos.

You are the observer, the one that experiences all of the physical, mental and emotional events that occur within the living body that you inhabit. These mental, emotional and physical events are not who you truly are, however most of us identify with these things as if they are ours, and that’s when we lose touch with our true nature.

Your body and your mind is your jump suit. You wear it so that your true self can experience life, but this jump suit is not you, you are the one who is watching and experiencing.

This is what spirituality is all about. It is in realising your true nature, and uncovering the nature of reality, free from the identification with mind and body – free from Illusion.