Love During Times of Adversity

Times are tough for all of humanity. We are experiencing unprecedented events that are unfolding before us, bringing about this strange sense of uncertainty and sometimes doom.

Its during these times where we band together to offer each other love and hope – these are two of the strongest forces in our nature that will help us weather the storms.

I dont mean love in the romantic sense, but the love that comes with our desire to live life and contribute towards its well being. This is the type of love we must approach with.

What does it mean when we stare down adversity in this way? It means we must all step up and apply our courage and intelligence. These moments of adversity are the moments that bring about breakthroughs, as we learn from the lessons that help us realise that what we thought to be true was completely false, and that it is time to re-calibrate and find new trajectories that help advance us and our quality of life.

People are being told to stay indoors, and with that comes anxiety. But, now is the perfect opportunity to sit with whatever is going on, turning inward so that we can gain more insight into the true nature of who we are.

If we can find a sense of stillness during times of havoc, then we can begin to learn more about how external factors in life need not be the catalyst for how we feel on the inside. Life will happen, both good and bad – this is the nature of the beast.

Nature doesn’t know the difference between good and bad, it just operates the way it knows. Its our perception of these events that give them their labels. By using these rocky events as opportunities for self inquiry, we can start to see that external events need not control the way we feel and perceive.

We then get to decide from within ourselves how we want to respond as individuals and as a collective community.