It Is Time To Go Inward

Be careful with how comfortable you become with material things. Be wary of how accustomed you are to high living. These things are like potent drugs – once you set that standard, its very hard to turn back.

Think about this – You get a job and it pays well. For the time being, you are satisfied. What keeps you in this job is the continuous increase in income its providing. On the outside, life seems good. You can purchase that fancy car, those nice clothes and you can go out for expensive dinners without a worry for the bank account.

But what happens the day you decide you no longer enjoy this job, or better yet, what happens when you discover you never liked the job to begin with? – You were just lured in by the seductive pay check.

How hard will it be then to give up that fancy lifestyle you created? You got yourself into the habit of picking at the finer things in life. Sacrificing all of that now seems impossible, because your whole identity is now tied in to your status, your title, the clothes you wear and the car you drive.

If you get your sense of fulfillment from the material things, then you leave yourself open and vulnerable because you are relying on something outside of yourself to bring you that sense of happiness and fulfillment that we are all fundamentally seeking out.

You leave yourself closed off to some of the opportunities and experiences that can develop and nourish your life, because you can no longer let go of this addictive, drug-like way of living.

It could mean that you choose to do things like stay in that job that makes you miserable and not going for the things that make you feel passionate and inspired, just because you cant let go of the dollar.

Technology is growing at exponential rates. Each of us will need to undergo career re-invention at some point. That could well mean taking a huge pay cuts. In this case, its important we learn to get humble.

During a time like this when global finance is at huge risk, its important to learn how to get fulfillment and happiness from things that aren’t material, because tomorrow things may change for the worst. Its important to learn how to live humbly, exposing yourself to a more simpler way of living.

Its not about giving anything up. In fact, you only have to gain – that sense of liberation when you realise there is more to life than the “things”.

Don’t get me wrong, nice things are nice. But they are only nice until you realise that nothing will ever be enough. You can chase and chase, like a hamster on a wheel. You will never reach your destination, because it simply doesn’t exist.

The only real destination that exists is the one within yourself.