Entry Into Bachelor’s of Psychological Science – The Start of A New Journey

An offer of admission letter from the university of Wollongong for a bachelors of psychological science.

When I started This is Philanthropy, it was for a few reasons. One, I wanted to document my experience as a humanitarian worker in the hope to inspire and educate people around some of the social issues faced in overseas third world countries.

Another reason for starting the page was to build a platform through a content strategy that made people aware that whatever path I choose to go down, it’s always going to be focused towards nourishing and developing upon the well being of humanity.

Throughout my journey so far, I have learned that when working with people in any given context, it’s good to have a solid base of knowledge in business. That’s the case for when working alongside NGOs as a humanitarian worker. Commerce and philanthropy go hand in hand, if you are to create systems that improve upon current conditions.

But I also realised that having obtaining knowledge in the sciences is equally important. We are biological and psychological beings, and so a solid base of knowledge and wisdom in these fields is necessary for the sake of people’s development and well being.

In the context of the third world, people struggle to obtain things like education and medical support. In the first world, mental health is one of our biggest problems we currently face, and so it is important for me to be well versed in some of these areas.

I look forward to starting my next journey as a student in the sciences, building upon my aspirations to be part of this mental health crisis we experience in these more developed countries.

I’ve always said that philanthropy to me means more than signing a cheque. I believe philanthropy is also, if not more about being on the ground and working in the trenches, first hand. This is my way of being directly involved in people’s development, health and well being.