The Tendency To Run

We all have the tendency to run away from difficult emotions and feelings.

This is the nature of the human mind. It wants to desperately avoid pain and chase pleasure.

Imagine yourself in an open grass field. There are two cats; one big scary one which you are trying to run from because you are afraid it will attack you, and a small one you want to catch because you think it’s adorable.

You end up running around in circles, trying to balance out the two extremes. You want to, so desperately save your life, but you are also extremely fixated on capturing this small cat.

This is what the mind does with pleasure and pain. The problem is, it’s a never ending battle because wherever you go, there will always be pleasure to chase and pain to deflect and avoid.

It’s in constantly avoiding and running from this pain where we suppress and reject the discomfort of some of our thoughts and emotions.

Because you have not taken the time to confront them and let your body process them naturally, these emotions get stored in different parts of the body, keeping you in a constant state of things like; anger, frustration, loneliness, emptiness and fear.

How can these things be stored in the body?

A thought begins in the mind. A thought about how much you hate your boss, or how much your partner frustrates you, or how much that person pissed you off, or how scared you are about so and so.

These thoughts in regards to fear or frustration or anger start in the brain and then become feelings in the body. These electrochemical signals that began as thought in the brain, their chemicals get released into the bloodstream and eventually get to the organs in your body.

These emotions that come from chemicals in the brain and body are forms of energy, and when you are stuck in a certain emotional pattern, your body cops a beating because there is all of this blocked energy sitting in different parts of your body.

It’s crazy to believe that this all began with a thought in the mind.

If you continue to have these thoughts, then your brain is going to continue to pump out all of those toxic chemicals to the body and those toxic chemicals of anger or fear are going to get stored in the body, continuing to feed those toxic thought patterns.

Sometimes, something as simple as lower back pain can be traced back to stress in the mind.

So then, what’s the solution?

There are many things one can do, such as changing the biochemistry of the body with nutrition. It’s like a pharmacy in there, with all these different chemicals. You can eat certain foods which helps balance out those chemicals, favourably. If emotions come in the form of these chemical signatures, then we can change those with the good things we feed our body.

Some esoteric practices like yoga and mindfulness meditation help.

Yesterday, I was dealing with some very difficult emotions. These emotions have been lingering for many months; fear, guilt, frustration, anger.

I observed how I respond to these, and I found that a lot of the time I would walk to the fridge to stuff my face with food, or I will light up a cigarette, just to deal with the discomfort.

But then, I decided to change things around and instead of reacting to the feelings this way, I sat on my bed in silence, closed my eyes and just sat in the body.

I confronted these feelings head on by simply just feeling them through.

It was painful and confronting, because I wasn’t drowning the mind in television or food or cigarettes like usual. I was there with them, allowing for my body and mind to fully become aware of them so I could process them and then let them go.

I woke up today feeling slightly different to yesterday, and I am excited to continue this process of sitting with pain and discomfort.

It’s in sitting with it and coming to a place of acceptance where you can begin to slowly peal away the layers of letting go.

On a biochemical level, your body and mind are well off because you are no longer stuck in an emotion and feeling which was most likely caused by a situation from the past.