How Serving Humanity Can Improve Your Well Being

The more time I get to look back and process my journey I had in Cambodia as a humanitarian, things start to make more sense.

When you are in the heat of the moment, you aren’t even aware of what you are actually doing. When you reflect and process it all, your own patterns become more exposed.

I didn’t know it, but at the time I was actually embarking on this journey as a humanitarian after gathering much information from things like Buddhist philosophy, human psychology and the biochemistry of the brain.

Coming from a place of mental health issues and emotional adversity, it’s clear to me now what I was doing by going to Cambodia to serve humanity.

It was by coincidence that I landed in a Buddhist country, because it was the very same values of compassion, empathy, kindness, generosity and human connection which inspired my decision to test these ancient values and ideas in real life.

After the philosophical inspiration came the scientific research that suggested that things like generosity, kindness and gratitude actually changed the structure of the brain. I began to wonder whether one could find more of a sense of well being and purpose through philanthropy.

If you go down to our biological roots, you will learn that we are all one of the same thing.

Nature has a way of safe guarding its species through instinctive acts of altruism, and this is manifested in many different ways across the many different organisms that live on earth.

What I left with was a hypothesis, and I came back with a whole thesis of real life knowledge and experience, recorded and documented, first hand.

I didn’t only read about it, but I actually lived it.

It’s no surprise that I found that sense of purpose and well being when serving others. The ancient philosophers were saying it, and the modern day scientists say the same, each of them conveying their message through different language.