The Demonisation of Technology As It Exposes Us

Technology is developing at exponential rates. Imagine one day having Alexa in the room while having an argument with a loved one – “Alexa, what did she say 2 minutes ago?”.

This is going to expose people like never before – Think about how personal devices and social media have exposed us so far. It’s very easy to blame the exposure of insecurities and mistakes on technology, demonising it, as a result.

But it’s not necessarily the technology that is causing these insecurities and fear; these things already exist, technology just exposes it. I think one of the most important things one can do right now is take accountability in regards to your technology and your life. If one can take full accountability, you get to be the captain of the ship and decide how you want to respond to tech.

There are so many benefits to take from it; health, well being, connectivity, growth. I feel like the more conscious you can be with it, the better it can be for you and your life.