Placing Foods On A Continuum

One of the more interesting things I’ve learned since starting my journey in health and diet study and application is; we should avoid labelling foods as either good or bad. Food should be viewed through the lens of a continuum.

You have certain foods which you should eat more of (fruit, veg, natural meats), you have foods which you should eat some of (breads and wheat), and there are foods which you should eat less of (processed foods).

The idea here is that we can eat all foods, but portion size and frequency must be accounted for, depending on the type of food you choose to consume. Observing food on a continuum rather than the black and white labels of “good”, or, “bad”, helps alleviate that sense of restriction one may feel when trying to eat well.

The fact is, you can eat whatever you want most of the time. But by bringing this sort of awareness to certain types of food, you are able to make better decisions, rather than choosing and eating mindlessly.