Passion Behind Your Message – An Effective Communication Strategy

After doing some research into what it takes to be an effective communicator, particularly in front of an audience, I’ve learned that those who are genuinely passionate about what they are communicating are the ones who are the most successful at getting their message across.

Being passionate about something means you identify with that thing, and when you identify with it, there is an emotional charge that underlies it’s presence. A lot of successful business people are also advocates for being passionate about what you do.

Steve Jobs brought up a good point, explaining how passion is a necessity – otherwise how is anyone meant to persevere through the tough times if there is no passion to drive them forward? It seems like since the introduction of the internet and personal devices, there has been an increase in opportunity for one to pursue those passions, turning them into vehicles of change.

I feel like if you have a real, genuine passion for what you are doing, you aren’t doing it just for yourself. You know that in doing it, there’s a greater purpose. You have this obsession towards your thing, and so you owe it to the rest of us to turn that passion into something that can add value and change lives.