Money Mindset

A really interesting idea I have heard in regards to your personal finances is, don’t hold on to cash for too long. Holding on to cash in fear of running out brings about this sense of scarcity in your mind. It’s like, you are protecting something and not letting go of it because you think it’s fleeting.

This creates that level of fear and uncertainty that a lot of people, including myself face when it comes to your money. The reality of it is, cash comes and goes. It always will be the case, as this is a huge function of currency.

The idea doesn’t advocate reckless spending of any type. It’s not about that, but more about the emotional baggage you carry, and the mental process of thought that occurs when it comes to how you spend and save your personal finances.

Grant Cardone explains how he fills his fridge up with an abundance of good foods. He says, it’s not about gluttony or greed, but more about priming his mind and body with constant reinforcement of the idea and feeling of abundance. He keeps his money mind rich – the bank flourishes as a result.

These come down to mindsets and your emotions around the underlying values that currency brings with it, like a sense of security, good health, acceptance and status and the ability to make a contribution.

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