Make Them Realistic & Crazy – Goals

Tim Ferriss – American entrepreneur, author, and podcaster, talks about having 2 huge goals in your life.

You have goal number 1, which involve your every day goals in things like your every day health, financials, business and personal development. These goals involve more mundane like output.

Goal number 2 is supposed to be an imaginative, ridiculous, fun but challenging goal to offset your more mundane every day goals.

The benefit of this is, when you are stressed and sick to death focusing on your everyday goals, you can shift your focus to goal number 2, which is intended to be large, but also fun and entertaining. The intended benefit of this is a better sense of balance.

My goals for health, financials, business and personal development require systematic work on a daily basis; Exercising, trying to build better eating habits, saving $x for this object, finishing that online course.

My other goals involve creating an award winning documentary, building a well being center and establishing an international school for personal development. These are the fun goals that I day dream about when I don’t want to think about my more urgent tasks.

This takes a lot of the pressure off me in the present, because I have another outlet to focus my attention on. It gives me some space to be able to step back from all the analysis, and this is when the creative side is shown – in a place of peace and calm.