You – Another Piece To A Bigger Machine

If there are 39 trillion microorganisms living inside and outside of our bodies, then who’s to say that we are not microorganisms to something else much larger than we can comprehend?

What if earth was just a single cell, rather than how we perceive it? To us, it’s a planet, a home, a large ecosystem of living and non living things.

But what if the truth holds that earth is nothing more than a small cell, part of a community of trillions of other cells that make up a larger entity?

Let’s go downwards now. If you observe the cells that make up our bodies, you will find a digestive system, a brain and organs, just like our body has.

So, who you think you are is not one entity, but rather billions of entities making up one larger being. These are the existential things one should ponder about.

This is the true beauty of life as it is. The mystery of it is what keeps us alive and thriving as we try to navigate our way through its complex web of problems and solutions – Science is the language of solutions to problems of the universe.

I sat last night with things like health and self improvement on my mind. It occurred to me that good health and self improvement is not in fact for myself.

There is no separate self. My good health and improvement is for the sake of the natural system around me. My body is merely just another small part to this larger machine