Stepping Back & Accepting Things As They Are

Being someone who likes to run from mental and emotional pain, as I tend to really feel it intensely at times, I have found myself continuously trying to search for answers for every problem that arises in my life.

If I have problem x, I will read book y, hoping it can give some insight into how to come up with a solution for my problem.

I’ve made this observation by being present with myself and my behaviors. It occurred to me that sometimes trying to come up with solutions every time you are faced with an issue might not always be your best bet.

Sometimes, the best thing to do is nothing at all. There are more things that are out of your control than you like to think. Nature will destroy and repair, at its own will.

Instead of trying to constantly solve problems, just observe and take a step back.

Awareness comes before change. It’s in becoming aware of an issue or a problem where we can begin to solve and make change.