The Struggle Of Transition

I have been finding it extremely difficult to settle back in to Sydney life. Coming from a place like Cambodia where I spent over a year adapting to a lifestyle and culture so foreign to me, coming back to this life has been a huge challenge.

I feel like the complexity of life here in Sydney is something that I haven’t taken well to. The life in Cambodia is so laid back, which is why it seems to be a place with more simplicity.

I was up in bed till 4:30am, thinking about the months that lead up to me leaving to go to Cambodia. I had only made the decision to go to Cambodia about a month before actually leaving. I had known that I was going to move to another country for a whole year and a half prior, but I only found my destination a month before going.

Its no secret that when I was there, I thrived on the inside. I had to fend on my own and I was served with many personal and professional challenges that put me to the test, more than ever before. However, there came a time where I began to feel exhausted and lonely – Those things start to take a toll.

Since a kid, I’ve always wanted to travel the whole world. I want to go and be everywhere. I haven’t decided where my next journey will take me. I rather not make that decision, but let an opportunity come knocking on my door, just how Cambodia knocked for me – it was unexpected, and that was the whole beauty of it.