LEGO – A Media Company Disguised As A Toy Brand?

In the 1980s and 1990s, LEGO faced huge threats from other brands trying to duplicate their seemingly simply concept of toy construction blocks. What did they do in response? – They focused heavily on building brand through content.

They created;

LEGO Miniseries – serial style movies with cartoons
LEGO Click – a community platform for fans to share pictures of their creations.
My LEGO Network – Game modules and network TV shows.
LEGO Club Magazine – A magazine subscription
LEGO Land – parks that have been built around the globe.
LEGO Club Meetings – for serious members and enthusiasts to meet and share ideas and creations. Its here where consumers do most of their buying.

LEGO has been and still is a giant toy company who, despite the threats they have faced in the past, have managed to build an irresistible brand through its content marketing strategy, setting them apart from any other toy company of its kind. Although its their product that is king, the content strategies that have been put in place over the decades have secured their spot as leader in the field.

It makes you wonder whether LEGO are just a toy company, or if they are a actually a media company disguised as a toy selling brand.

This is the power of building brand through content.