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“Want to know how to 10x your followers and make more sales fast?”

“I have designed a method but I’m not going to tell you what it is until I’m able to drive you to my website and lead you blindfolded down into my sales funnel and make you buy my generic, get rich quick method e-book.”

I find my newsfeed to be cluttered with this sort of stuff. People trying to sell blueprints and codes to cracking the get rich quick schemes.

If I may, I would like to point out the clear distinction between typical, sleazy sales methods and what it means to be a content marketer.

The individual or company who decides to take on a content marketing approach is one that does not ask for anything in return from the community whom which they are providing both insight and inspiration for.

They are simply creating content for an audience with the intent to add value, create an experience and connect, emotionally. Through this, the individual or company may become an expert in their field, building relationships with its followers and its end consumers.

There is a difference between sales and marketing, particularly content marketing, and those who succeed in providing the most value to people’s lives are the ones who are considered the influential thought leaders of their industry.