The End of Mental Illness? – Dr. Amen On A Mission To End It.

I really look forward to getting my hands on a copy of this book.

Dr. Amen has some powerful insights into mental illness and the way I interpret his work, it seems as though he is on a mission to end not only mental illness, but the demonising of mental illness.

It’s not exactly clear how many of these mental illnesses comes about. The brain is so complex and the obstacle we face at this current point in time is, when medical professionals attempt to diagnose and treat these illnesses, they don’t look at the brain, itself.

Currently, we lack the technological resources and so most of the time a diagnosis is symptom related, rather than actually observing the physical structure of the brain and pin pointing specific issues that may be the cause for some of these conditions.

Dr. Amen is known to use these special SPECT scans that give him graphical insights into what is happening within the brain of a mentally ill individual, using these scans to spot physiological damage or unusual activity in specific areas of the brain where function and health can be distorted and destroyed.

Although conditions like addictions and depression cause a lot of issues in relationships and careers and so forth, demonising these should be avoided, as these things are biological ailments. No one ever chooses to become depressed or anxious or addicted to things. These are serious medical issues.

It’s difficult to digest this, especially on an egoic level. You might experience one of these conditions yourself or you might watch your friends or family go through certain things. It’s very easy to get caught up in the ‘rights and wrongs’ and have your opinion about certain behaviours, but at the end of the day these conditions are medical issues, a product of our human biology.

Welcome to a new era of technology and a new understanding of conditions like anxiety, depression and addictions.