Exploring Life Fully Through Diversity

At the time this picture was taken, which was many years ago, it was for the sake of humor and fun. But I look back now and I realise, there was also a side to me that was serious about wearing a piece of clothing like this.

Not only does it relate to my Arabic background, but more importantly, this piece of clothing is a representation of something much deeper than the specific culture it corresponds to.

This image is a pure representation of my love and value for diversity. If there is one thing I have always loved about being born and raised in Sydney is, I’ve been exposed to such a diverse range of foods, cultures and customs that have not only sparked my desire for adventure, but have also opened my eyes to the world around us, on an intellectual level.

I remember as a young child, having so many dreams about travelling the world and immersing myself in different cultures and new, foreign environments.

These days, I find myself asking a lot of philosophical questions. Why are we here? How did we get here? What is the purpose of being here? – I have found that my answers to many of these questions remain consistent. To me, its quite simple – Explore the world and explore life, fully.

I hear far too often, “you need to earn a living”. This seems to be the centre point for a lot of people. They must work to make a living. But how much are they really living? That’s the question I beg.

I have realised now that I’m not so interested in just earning a living. An animal must earn a living. The human mechanism is far more advanced and far more capable of making a living without it being the main focus, as earning a living is just a small fraction of what this life is truly about.