Stop Fearing The Judgement Of Others & Take Advantage Of The Internet Arbitrage

A message from one of my current idols, American entrepreneur and New York Times bestselling author, Gary Vaynerchuk.

There are so many people out there who can be taking advantage of this new revolution in media, yet they hold back from putting themselves out there out of fear of judgement of others.

This was something I struggled with a lot at first and still do. I produce content at a much higher volume than most people I know, and in order for me to have gained traction at the start, I had to learn how to not give a fuck.

It’s particularly difficult to distribute content at this quantity as a solo and there is also extra pressure due to the fact that I’m creating pieces of artwork, not just conventional forms of content.

This poses another internal obstacle, as you can ask most artists and they will tell you that they are hardly ever completely happy with their work, whatever their craft. This is an internal war with art, but also an internal battle between your confidence and your fear towards the judgement of others.

The problem is though, so many people out there have great work that they would love to put out and with social media, it’s never been a better time to reach large audiences, free of charge.

There was once a time when entrepreneurs and artists had to pay large quantities of money to human attention toll booths, like radio, newspaper and television.

Now that this middle man is slowly diminishing, people are beginning to take advantage of this attention arbitrage.

I have had the absolute privilege to be around during a time where educational content is so accessible and free of charge via the internet. Through this, I’ve found myself so many online mentors who have no idea I exist, yet due to a combination of social media and their powerful messages, each one has transformed my life in many different ways.

This is so powerful. Whether you are an entrepreneur, an artist or you are wanting to learn something, there has never been an easier time than now to put your work out there and spread your message.

Fear of judgement is something you should consider trying to overcome as best as possible if you are one of those who is holding back and not putting your unique and potentially impactful work out there for the public to see and admire.

Try getting comfortable with criticism and judgement, because 1) that’s all part of the game, and 2) the discomfort you will feel when you put your work out there is a small price to pay when you start to think about the great things you can build from using these tools.

It’s clear to me that today, business, art and science are coming together. The digital landscape has done miraculous things in regards to putting the artist back up on the pedestal, as opposed to previous decades where being artistic was viewed by many as something that is “useless”.

Now, with the internet, everyone at some point must start to become their own entrepreneurs in the sense that they must begin to think about their own personal brands and how they can market themselves to the world.