Conventional Sciences & Esoteric Sciences – A Unity For The Ages

A lot of what I find myself talking and writing about these days is about some of the new wisdom and shifts in perspective that esoteric sciences like yoga and mindfulness have taught me.

These esoteric sciences have been around for thousands of years, and now conventional science has gained its traction, rapidly.

Now, the two are starting to meet.

Conventional science now gives an explanation as to what is happening in the brain and body when people become true practitioners in the fields of yoga and meditation.

Scans have been done on monks who have devoted decades to meditation and have found that the actual physical structure of the brain is different to that of a normal person.

The frontal lobe where focus and attention is demanded, this part was significantly larger in these monks.

In regards to illness, conventional science is also starting to collaborate with these esoteric sciences. Alongside western medicine, people are being told to take up “alternate” ways of healing.

I like to steer very clear from that word, “alternate”. There is nothing alternative about it. These practices can do things that medicine is incapable of doing, and they should probably be treated equally as important.

Western medicine is known to mask symptoms, which is great. But then, preventative measures must be put in place when approaching an illness. That’s where these esoteric practices come in as part of the treatment.

These sciences put preventative measures in place, unlike a lot of medications.

The awareness in the mind and body that I have achieved through hours worth of meditation and yoga has given me such a deeper understanding of things.

Although these esoteric practices have given me new insights, it’s unlike the knowledge you pick up from a book. It’s more of an experience thing, rather than a facts based thing.

But when combined with science, this allows me to really make sense of things in a wonderful way.