Relationships & Physicality

It was either Tony Robbins or Tai Lopez who I first heard this from;

There are 4 key areas of your life that you must pay careful attention to, set goals around and try to achieve mastery in order to live a life of happiness where you reach your full potential as an individual.

1 – Health
2 – Relationships
3 – Finance
4 – Career

Health is quite self explanatory, right? If you don’t have your health, then just how far can all of these other things get you in terms of happiness?

My first solo humanitarian trip in Thailand – 2016

Relationships are important, also. I was always under the impression that when they said relationships, they meant only intimate ones and so on the surface, I assumed I didn’t have to give this area any thought as I don’t have a partner. Since being away from family and friends for so long now, I have learned what they really meant when they said relationships.

They were referring to all of them in your life, and although you tend to miss certain personalities and characters in your life; people who bring you humor or joy. But these are all in your mind – They are psychological and egoic. The mind is just only one small dimension of your existence.

Coming to this realisation, I have become more aware of the crave for these relationships on a physical level. I’m starting to crave the physical dimension of my relationships; being in the presence of people whom I’m closest with.

Things happen on a biochemical level when you are around certain people in your life. Whether because you share DNA, or you have built connections, there is a physical dimension that have many biochemical applications to them.

Perhaps its the awareness I have built within my body that makes me so aware of these feelings a little more (hundreds of hours worth of yoga and meditation to achieve this). But there is a lot of research and a lot of evidence now to suggest that physicality plays a huge role.

Even when building rapport in the context of business, shaking hands is a form of relationship building on a physical level. To you, its just a shake of the hand. But there is a whole factory of chemicals working inside of you, in order to function this extremely complex machine we call the human.

I found myself instinctively rubbing the side of someone’s shoulder a few weeks ago when they told me about the recent death of their close friend. It was my first reaction, after I felt myself experiencing empathy towards this person. There is something powerful in the physical realm, and this mustn’t be looked over when it comes to relationships.