I’m An Addict, You’re An Addict – Seductive Technology

I heard a story of a guy who once worked for Apple throughout his 20s. He said, he was young and ambitious with no life and they were working hard to create a device that was seductive as possible. As a result, we created things like the iPhone and iPad.

This guy now has kids and regrets ever working to create something as potentially dangerous as this piece of technology.

Just like a chemical addiction, this one creates its own concoctions of addictive chemical reactions in the body. The like button is intended to release dopamine in the brain. We now use different emojis that induce different emotional states.

This is something that needs close attention. But I feel like there is a line we can walk along. It is a line right in the middle where fighting off the emergence of technology is not part of the agenda, but rather living harmoniously with it in a way that benefits us more than what it does harm.

How does one go about this?

I’ve been experimenting with my own experience. I have a bad habit of running away from disturbing thoughts and emotions.

As a result, I reach for the screen, sometimes even writing posts to attract likes and attention. I can be a junky for dopamine, irrespective of how I have to get it. It was cigarettes for almost a decade, but you get rid of one evil and another 10 arise.

I don’t want to face those difficult thoughts and emotions. I don’t want to face my true self – who does? That’s why we all become addicted to our screens.

I’ve noticed a recent trend with technology. We went from text to images then to videos and now there is an increase in popularity for voice. We have things like Alexa that answers our questions and even podcasts that draw our attention.

From where I see it, the emergence of voice is somewhat healthier. You put a podcast on and you sit and listen, rather than have a your eyes stuck to a screen where it’s easy to drift away by the seductive dangers that digital social acceptance and approval has created.

Either way, we have come so far and there is no way to stop this rapid and sometimes hostile take over of technology. This is still a problem that I am trying to come to grips with, as I feel as though it can sometimes be a problem in my own life.

I tend to believe that I have many addictions, technology definitely being one that isn’t so much out of control at the moment, but has had a ripple effect on to other areas of my life, making me more susceptible to being seduced into tipping too far into the realm of chaos.

Balance means walking along that line between chaos and order. Wherever there is chaos in your life, equal order must be brought in order to restore a healthy sense of balance.

Developing rigorous systems in your life where you schedule in time specifically intended for you to inquire about the mind and body is something that I have had to adopt as part of my everyday life. Things like yoga and meditation are not just for the left field, alternates.

Neuroplasticity is not only a result of training the mind through meditation. Your mind is being moulded and shaped, constantly. This can be dangerous depending on how bad your addiction to technology is.

Training the mind through yoga and meditation is something that has been practiced for many years. These things seem like methods that have been developed only in the East, however that is proving to be incorrect.

Spiritual practitioners from all over the globe have been practising these methods of meditation that train the mind for many years. These methods were lost in Western philosophy, but remain still part of Eastern philosophy, although most Buddhists I have met do not practice mindfulness or any meditation for that matter.

Although technology seems to be using us as a side walk at times, it is also giving us the opportunity to take ancient technologies like meditation, test them in the labs and then spread the word.

It’s a matter of happiness, not your spiritual orientation. This is a matter of health, not how many likes or love hearts your updated relationship status attracts.

Let’s get serious about this.