Creative Methods For Learning Mandarin – Chineasy & The Learning Brain.

A few screenshots taken off the app – Chineasy by ShaoLan Hsueh.

Through my quest to learn Mandarin, I stumbled across a brilliant system for learning the language.  The creator of this system is, ShaoLan – Chinese born but raised children in England and found herself having to teach Chinese to two native English speakers.  

The result of this is the great system she created, by integrating artwork with the characters.  I found this method for teaching so innovative and creative.  

This integration of art while forming new synaptic connections as you learn more and more about a certain topic is something that I have been particularly attracted to for a few months now.  

There is something about art that helps with memorisation and understanding.  The brain tends to remember in images a lot, as so using visual art to strengthen those  new forming synaptic connections in the brain proves to be an effective method for understanding and retaining new information.