Well Then…Write Away.

សៀម រាប Siem Reap, Cambodia.

There is a lot of utility that comes with writing every day. Your intentions for writing can change, depending on the day and the context – sometimes I want to vent with my thoughts and emotions and I will write myself to the bones. This can be very therapeutic.

There are other days when I don’t feel like getting in touch with my emotions. Instead, I rather use my writing as a method for reason and logic. I will write and visualise and plan things for my future. Other days, I may need to engage the logical mind if I have an every day problem that needs solving, such as financials and career.

I have used writing to dig into my past, recollecting memories from when I was a child and then putting them all together in order to make sense of what I am today.

One of the most uses for writing that I am recognising now is, writing to an audience online gives me an opportunity to teach others what I am learning, and they say the best way to learn stuff is to teach it. Teaching a topic through writing is effective for me personally, as writing was already a habit of mine to begin with.

🙏 Thank you to all those who follow me and support me with their feedback. I will continue to deliver as much value as I possibly can.