Negative Thoughts & The Cells In Your Body

A diagram copied from the book ‘Evolve Your Brain’, by American neuroscientist and author, Dr. Joe Dispenza.

This diagram displays what happens on the cellular level, when you experience thoughts of anger or shame. The thoughts occur in the neocortex, or outer region of the brain. The nerve cells in the neocortex send electrochemical signals to the middle region – the brains emotion making factory.

Its in the pituitary gland releases peptides into the bloodstream. These peptides that are released as a result of thoughts of anger and shame then get released into the organs of the body. On a cellular level, these peptides related to anger and shame link up to receptor sites on each cell and these nerve cells get passed back and forth between the brain and the body.
Thoughts of anger and shame create negative, uncomfortable feelings of anger and shame in the body. An emotion is a chemical reaction which triggers feelings in the body. These feelings cause us to act. You might notice that when you are thinking thoughts of anger or shame, your body feels that anger and shame. Due to discomfort in your body, that then leads to more thoughts of anger or shame; this can apply to many different thoughts and emotions.

If you are thinking happy thoughts, then your body is usually experiencing states of bliss and pleasure. These feelings of bliss and peace feed back to your mind, leading to more positive thoughts – that would be considered a “good mood”. If you are like most people, then you experience a whole range of negative thoughts and emotions throughout each day of your life; anger, guilt, shame, anxiety, envy and frustration. The issue is, the human being is a habit making machine.

The mind and the body get stuck in their compulsive patterns. So, you can imagine that after a while, all of the cells in your organs start to become conditioned into taking some of these more toxic emotions, like anger or shame. Like our minds, our cells become addicted to certain chemicals that are a result of negative emotions.