What Will Philanthropy Be In The 21st Century?

One thing that interests me so much is when I think about where philanthropy will go in the future, in terms of context.

Extreme third world poverty is decreasing at high rates. More people die of obesity related problems than what they do from starvation. More people die from suicide than from terrorist attacks.

Although it’s said that the 21st century has a huge ride in store for humanity, it’s also said that there is a revolution of society and culture taking place. The term ‘enlightenment’ has shown up a number of times during my study.

Philanthropy is basically charity work or the giving of charitable donation. In any given context, you will find a string of causes devoted towards reduce human suffering in some way or promoting human progress in another.

All have to do with the fundamental acts of showing empathy, compassion and kindness towards those people around you. Bonds, connections and relationships – all of these are necessities for our own survival. This is biological, just as much as it may seem philosophical.

The question is, what new problems will arise for humanity, as we navigate through this next 3 or 4 decades. These are crucial times, that’s for sure.

I think about the abundance of opportunity to make a contribution – things like advancements in scientific research, the development of new technologies that will improve health and increase average human life spans, and also things like education reform during this transition from an industrialised society to a digitalised one.

How will we measure up during this crucial point in time for humanity.