Working With Tech, Healthily

🧠 Personal Recommendation 📚

This program is awesome. The company was founded by an American entrepreneur who studied music. He got a team of neuroscientists together and designed a whole bunch of music and sounds that help with things like focus, meditation, relaxation and sleep.

There was once a period of time where I would constantly beat myself up for being “lazy”. I was a pretty lazy student at school and university. I would study for exams, but attending classes and lectures was pretty much a write off. I hardly did any listening. By the time I got to uni and I had the choice to be in a lecture or not, I pretty much chose not to go the whole time I was at uni because I knew it would have been a waste of my time.

It’s not that I don’t have the mental energy. I have too much energy for that boxed in sort of environment. My mind would rather get lost in airy fairy daydreaming. This was a huge disadvantage at school and uni because it meant I had to work extra hard around exam time to at least come anywhere near what you would consider a decent grade.

I’ve managed to be able to change my working environments now and the change has been great, so far.

So, once I was able to change my environment to one more suitable for me, I then stumbled across a way in which I can optimise on this positive change. came along. It’s so simple and easy to use. During the day at my desk I will listen to beats that help induce focused states of mind through sound wave vibration. Usually, I am studying, researching or in the middle of analytical writing when these beats are on.

The meditative beats are great for when it’s dark and you are winding down. Sleep is probably the second most important thing after diet and so the thought of a nice nightly routine to wind down for a good nights sleep is pleasing. This is perfect for when you are reading your book.

I put sleep mode on last night and tried reading a book but I just kept dozing off. The book was so interesting, but my eyes were just not willing to budge.

That’s how you want to get to sleep every night, rather than anxious and stressed. It’s not necessarily about getting rid of the stress or the anxiety that you are experiencing in that current point in time. It’s more about not letting that interrupt with some of your most important daily systems.