What Does It Mean To Contribute?

All fancy career titles aside, what contribution are you actually making?

If we put the money illusion aside, what is it that attracts good things to you in your life? It’s your action of doing good things in the world. By doing good things in the world, you add value to society in a way that encourages the growth and well being of everything around you.

When you are seen as a valuable member of society, you are looked after and catered for, so long as you hold up your end of the deal.

This is how society works on a mass scale. The more value you add to people’s lives and to good things that encourage the growth and well being of those around you, then you become a valued member of society.

I feel as though it’s less to do with whether you are a humanitarian worker or someone who gives to charity or not and more to do with how you conduct yourself in your everyday life.

Whatever profession and more importantly, whatever person you decide to be in the world, ask yourself, “How much energy am I focusing towards doing the right thing by myself and by others?”

Striving for perfection in this area of life would be to miss the point. These are moment by moment choices that can be made. With a little more awareness, you can make these decisions when the opportunity arises.