We Know Nothing – Atoms & The Space of Nothingness They Contain

The truth is, we don’t know a single atom in its entirety. 99.99% of an atom is made of empty space and we can’t be sure what that empty space is.

Just like our cosmos, it is full of empty space. This leaves us constantly guessing, because that is all we can do.

If each individual atom is comprised of empty space that we have yet to truly explore, then how can any of us be so sure about anything in this life. Our intellect gets in the way and it is so quick to pass judgements, make assumptions and form beliefs. But if you take a second to reflect upon how little we actually know about this life then you will realise those beliefs, assumptions and judgements are nothing but small specks of neurological matter which simply come and go through time and space.

Imagine if we could live each and every moment with a beginners mind, ridding ourselves of all the beliefs, judgement and assumptions about things that we have formed. We would be liberated from the control that the intellect holds over us and we could embrace each moment as if it were our first and last.