To Live Like A Volunteer

To live life as a volunteer is to live willingly, accepting responsibility for your entire human experience.

To live life willingly and consciously is to recognise the fact that we are capable of responding to anything in life the way in which we wish to respond, not shifting any of the blame or responsibility on any external forces.

External forces are constant and they are far too volatile that you do not want to place responsibility on it for the way in which you experience life because you would be enslaved by these forces.

Freeing yourself from these forces would mean to take full responsibility for all that you are. After all, responding in negative ways creates poison in the body. What you know as anger or frustration is a chemical reaction in the body. You are only harming yourself by giving up your ability to respond to life the way you wish.

Understanding this requires a shift in perception. If perception makes up the parts of the external signal that passes through the control centre and then meets with an underlying belief, then it is evident that changing our beliefs around who is responsible for what in our lives is a good place to begin.

Focusing on changing the belief will in turn change the way in which we perceive things in life. Changing the way in which we perceive things in life changes the way we act and behave – it changes our whole experience of life, itself.