The Trinity – Diet, Sleep & Exercise

I’ve found it at times so overwhelmingly difficult to overcome my nicotine addiction.

Since first deciding to embark on the journey towards rehabilitation, I’ve relapsed about 3 or 4 times, the last relapse being about a month ago where I smoked a whole packet in 24 hours – an attempt to mask the stresses that come with living in a foreign town all on your own. Believe me, it’s been one of my biggest challenges yet.

Through my own research, I’ve come to points where I’ve learned about certain facts regarding health and well being and after learning them, I’ve had to slap myself on the forehead because I managed to completely overlook something so profoundly simple.

Now days, I don’t worry about how much I am meditating. I look back on my journals and I see days where I’ve meditated for up to 60 minutes, plus I’ve done up to 60 minutes of yoga and whatever other ridiculous amounts of things that came from this sense of striving and trying to achieve profound experiences. But, I’m coming to realise that the chase can actually be a detriment.

Now days, I try my best to focus on the trinity – sleep, diet and exercise. As long as I get at least 2 of those things right in a 24 hour cycle, then I’ve done two thirds of my 24 hours correctly.

Esoteric and therapeutic practices come in second, along with my intellectual study life.

The trinity – diet, sleep and exercise. Just get them right and you are on your way.