The Chemical Factory – The Brain

I remember reading about states of bliss. When you experience feelings of bliss, this is caused by a certain chemical reaction in the brain and body.

I read that one way we can access the chemical state of bliss is by performing acts of generosity.

I can go back as far as before being a humanitarian worker and I always felt as though being generous could only be a good thing. You get what you give, right?

Research shows that when you perform acts of generosity with proper intention and awareness, you release chemicals in the brain like oxytocin for feelings like peace and tranquility and the chemicals dopamine and endorphins which are responsible for feelings of euphoria.

It just made sense to be someone who was generous with their time and energy. You see, you can do that in a way that doesn’t put your own happiness and prosperity in at second place. You just find a way of making these things exist harmoniously in your life.