Social Media Like Dope

Its quite difficult to place a blanket statement over the effects that social media has on society or the human race, as a whole.

We must keep in mind that these new technologies are just reflections and extensions of the human minds. The dynamics of social media and how it functions can be traced back to the biological make up of us humans.

Things like computers and phones are artificial extensions of our brains. It is said that we aren’t able to grow our brains any further due to the limitations of space that a mother has in her pelvis when giving birth to a child. As an advanced species, it is natural for us to want to continue to grow and expand, and these technologies are artificial pieces of our biology that allow us to do things that nature does not allow us to do.

So, can we label things like social media either good or bad? I think the judgments passed on these types of things are the root cause of any problems that people may have in relation to these technologies.

These things are merely just objects or tools. It is the responsibility of each individual to know how to use these things in a healthy and effective manner. Just like the human mind or body, these are also considered tools and they also have the potential to turn against you, just like technology.

Nothing is ever as it seems. With every positive, there is an equal negative. I find awareness really cool. I think self awareness is one of the biggest players in determining success and quality of life.