Skoolin’ – A Movement For Education

This is the current logo for my new movement for education – Skoolin’.

Since becoming a teacher in Cambodia at the local private school, I have realised a certain state of bliss that I have been in search for. When I am learning and teaching, I lose track of time. It’s not necessarily about the school I’m at and the bonds that I have formed so far, although they play a huge role. It’s more the action of learning and teaching that I find fulfilling and it makes me lose track of time.

Trying to set up your life in such a way where you inherit more and more things into your life that bring you levels of bliss. Learning and teaching feels like one of those things for me and I am thrilled to be part of what seems to be a change in the way people are learning today.

I value balance, diversity and objectivity above all things. Each person is on their own path in life each person deserves to get a chance to know what good learning is all about.

It’s insane because I began philanthropic work for an educational institution here. I just sort of fell into the field of education through philanthropic work and then found myself as a teacher at a private school. To me, that signifies my call to education. I never intended on getting myself involved with education. Maybe it was a unconscious decision, but from how I perceive it, I just fell into place this way.

Like philanthropic work, learning and teaching gives me a similar sense of bliss and purpose. Really, it’s a no brainer for me.

We all are students and teachers. We are either learning and teaching from experience or learning and teaching from knowledge based activity.

I love to bring together the worlds of science, technology, philosophy, art, spirituality and business and apply it to how we can use these fields of education for improving the quality of our lives and achieve happiness.

I’m taking you back to school, but it’s not the school that you have always known. It’s Skoolin’, where learning is made insightful, inspiring and actionable.

Designed by – Mengtry Meas