School Teaching In Cambodia – Wingin’ It

Why do we stop going to school? We come of age, and then suddenly it’s time to leave and get a “real world job”.

I find this to be so tragic. It’s like, as soon as we “graduate” and get that job, we no longer see ourselves as students, but rather workers.

Why do we need to stop learning? Just because we hit a certain age and we no longer receive formal education, does it mean we know everything? You would be disillusioned if you bought in to that assumption. We know hardly a thing and the tragedy is, we let this assumption get in the way of the ones quest to know themselves and the world around them on a deeper level. All the focus goes towards the responsibility that we refer to as “earning a living”.

Everything becomes focused on how we can earn a living. Everything becomes focused towards how we can survive. The truth is though, it doesn’t have to be this way. We don’t have to earn a living to live. True living is all about how conscious you are in your life; how aware you are about yourself and the world around and how much attention you pay to the nuances and subtleties that make up life.

We can achieve this by continuing on with our studies. Getting rid of the label of what it means to be a student and embodying that into our own everyday approach towards life makes us an everyday student in life. That way, we walk through life constantly learning new things about what it is to be human on planet earth 🌏

That’s more like true living, isn’t it?