Religion, Culture, Art & Society – Siem Reap, Cambodia

If there is one thing I can say about religion, it’s that I think it can be powerful enough to influence the culture of a community, town or city more than you could possibly imagine.

I appreciate many aspects of religion for things such as it’s aesthetically pleasing qualities and some of its good natured rituals and moral focused stories.

Yesterday, I was explaining to a group of young Cambodians what it meant to be extravagant. I used the Angkor Wat as a classic example for something that you would consider to be an extravagant display of human ingenuity and opulence.

Still today, you look at some of the ways in which religion has influenced culture and society in Cambodia. The way I see it, religion is an expression of many things combined. It isn’t only an expression of ones belief systems, but rather an expression of art, fashion, architecture, science and spirituality.