Philosophising On Life While Living In Battambang As A Teacher.

Whether you are aware of it or not, you are responding to your environment. You are in constant internal response to what you experience before you, physically, mentally and emotionally.

I feel like the whole notion of ‘being responsible’ in life has been slightly misused over the course of time.

You read the journal entries of those Stoic Philosophers from back in the ancient Roman and Greek era, and those greats speak the same message – take full responsibility for your life.

I’ve never known how to frame it properly, in a way which made me take conscious steps towards making this an everyday reality for myself. Imagine if I could take full responsibility for my life. What would that mean? I would no longer be dependable on outside circumstances to make me feel joyful on the inside? That is one great aspect. However, the one I had to get to first was, not allowing the obstacles and the challenging encounters with people or things impact the way you feel on the inside. Imagine if you could be totally resistant free, in that sense. I can’t even begin to imagine how liberating that would be for ones experience through life.

There is another way that we can frame this word, ‘responsibility’. To be responsible is to be ‘response – able’, meaning you are fully able to respond to anything you experience in life. You have unlimited power in this sense. No, you cannot take action on everything, but you can always choose the way in which you respond in your life. You always have the choice and no one can ever take that unlimited power away from you.

Being response able doesn’t mean everything is your fault. It means, you have the ability to respond to everything you experience – physically, mentally and emotionally.

The issue is, we get stuck in compulsive patterns of behaviour. That is us responding to our experience, and the more compulsive these patterns are, the more detrimental they become to your life.

Right now, everything that’s around you is responding to you. You breathe in oxygen and the trees breathe in carbon dioxide. You breathe out carbon dioxide and the trees breathe out oxygen. You are just another one of those pieces to this huge puzzle of limitless possibility.

What are you going to do? Are you going to respond to your experience compulsively, like a slave to your mind and body? Or are you going to take charge of your instruments and respond consciously.

How liberating would it be…