Not Confusing Passions With Purpose

My passion is not philanthropy. Philanthropy is a philosophy that is part of me, but it ends there with all the other philosophies that I carry around with me as an individual.

The real passion is myself. I’ve had to come to realise that true underlying passion before entering the world of humanitarianism, as it is a very important, integral lesson to learn.

The reason for that is simply this – how can you make change in this world if you can’t even look after yourself?

I remember listening to a talk by a Harvard psychologist named Dr Jordan B Peterson. Right after deciding to embark on a mission to help people, he made a statement that struck me so deep, it was enough for me to have an epiphany that I still remember clearly almost a year later.

Peterson says, “Before you go out and try and fix the world, fix yourself first”.

It was fatherly advice just as much as it was philosophical, pragmatic and truthful. How is one meant to go out and make positive change in this world when they are unable to make that positive change within themselves first?

If philanthropy is just a philosophical endeavor for me, what does that mean for the way I live my life? It means, I always put myself first. It does not mean I put my needs selfishly before everyone else, however I tend to be completely self absorbed in the sense that my life is based around how I can improve myself emotionally, physically, mentally and experientially – This is my true passion.

Choosing to be philanthropic in my life has proven to be a great strategy so far. It does good for the world and it gifts me back with a sense of fulfilment and joy. It’s like a beautiful trade off where all parties walk away feeling like they won.

But the true passion and purpose starts here, with myself. And the beauty with that is, everything else around me improves when I improve. It’s this never ending cycle of giving and taking.

In reality, I am part of this bigger picture. I am just another piece of this huge thing that is called life. My sense of self should extend further than just my intellect.

If I am everywhere then I should approach life as if I am everywhere – Being one with all that exists.