My Own Experiments With The Subconscious Mind

I began my study of the subconscious mind earlier this year. I didn’t go too far into the research, at all. I read a book written by Dr. Joseph Murphy, a doctor in psychology with a passion for divine science.

It was in this book where I learned about the general workings of the subconscious mind. Rather than delving too deep into this topic, I remained on the surface. The book, ‘The Power of The Subconscious Mind’, written by Joseph Murphy taught me more about the subconscious mind on a philosophical and practical level. This was the perfect thing to stumble across, at the time.

I was living in a rural village for over a month when I began doing my own scientific experiments with the subconscious mind. I would take afternoon naps, where I would spend the first half an hour in a state of meditation where I would visualise visions for the future.

After some practice, I realised I wasn’t clear on what it was that I wanted, so I made sure to become clear on some of the short term things I wanted to put into place.

It was an important time for me, in terms of mindset. I was living in a rural village – life was so different, you cant even begin to imagine. You take some lessons away and you try to put them into practice once you settle.

I have done some of my own experiments with the subconscious mind since first learning about it. I wanted to change my relationship with money as I felt it caused me a lot of suffering and stress. I held a mindset of scarcity around money, which is ironic considering I come from a prosperous country, like Australia.

Once you change the way in which you see money, you start to let go of some of the anxieties you held around it. So, it was important that if I were going to adopt a new mindset, it had to be a mindset that promoted the well being of myself and those around me. Once I changed my attitudes towards money and the meaning I attributed to it, that is when I began to plant the seeds.

I did many sessions of self hypnosis, I spent hours visualising and not only visualising laying down. I would go for intense runs and visualise while my body was in a state of alertness, intensity and energy. I was told to think of a number or amount of money I wanted to obtain and after that, I was told to let the subconscious come up with the answer.

By this point, I believed in this whole process because I knew believing in it was the only way you can actually make it work. You have to have unwavering belief and desire to even stand a chance. I had to do a little bit of brainwashing to get to this point. I would listen to tapes over and over again. Tapes talking about how to use the subconscious mind to get what you want.

After planting the seed in the mind, I would cease to think about the topic with the conscious mind. This means, I never did any brainstorming or strategising or thinking about how I was going to get this amount of money. That is for the subconscious mind to do.

The crazy thing is, things have come to fruition so quickly, I wasn’t even conscious that it was happening at the time. I would come to the realisation that I had hit my targets, but it wasn’t even a surprise by that point. This is probably because I changed my beliefs around money and I began to have a high level of belief in hitting a very concise, clear and realistic objective.